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With only four singles released, Swedish female artist Bluephox has already been compared to icons like Robyn, HAIM, Bonnie Tayler, Paloma Faith and “as if Stevie Nicks had fronted Future Island." She also been hailed as "Pop diamond”, “Obsessive”, “Sensational”, “Pop perfection” and “Extremely promising artist."


Bluephox, or Philippa Magnusson, grew up in Stockholm surrounded by the sea and music as eternal constants. The later thanks in large part to her dad, who was a successful guitarist in the 60´s. Her father introduced her to the world of Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Sting while her big brother sat at the piano playing Stevie Wonder, The Average White band and Supertramp. In that mix of influences, we find Bluephox. Her debut single Gold was released in May 2020 and received a warm reception from music platforms world wide. For example, Gold was quickly placed at “Favorite” in British Radio BBC1, and the Music online magazine Popmuzik (SWE) expressed: “A perfect mix to reach the large audience.”


The sequel second single Paul’s Boutique, lived up to expectations when it was released in September 2020. Played on Radio BBC1’s “Future Artists” and on public radio in Sweden and Denmark amongst others. Canadian music magazine “The Revue” wrote: (..) “it has been some time since we’ve obsessed over a song, and that is until we heard Bluephox’s new single, “Paul’s Boutique”.


Both singles Bluephox made in collaboration with producers and songwriters Mats Björke (ex Mando Diao) and Ludvig Larsson from LAB259. Paul’s Boutique was also co-written together with Yvonne Dahlbom. The singles are mixed by Michael Ilbert in Hansa Studios, Berlin. 

June 4th Bluephox released her third single: a cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers 90s classic Californication, that the artist has co-produced with Ludvig Larsson at LAB259. And in the end of October 2021 she got officially back again - this time with a 80s inspired pop banger named "Touched by Neon" co-written and produced by Johan "Harry" Harrysson at Blameus. The eminent remix of the song is made the Swedish producer, DJ and artist Kimchii.

Bluephox about her new single Touched by Neon:

I think I’ve never written a song as fast as Touched by Neon. It is inspired of a more or less real memory from a night under the neon signs at Slussen in Stockholm. It´s a pop song with 80´s influences, wrapped up in a typical Bluephox package. 

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